Step 1:

Student Should Visit

Step 2 :

Login with your Reg number and password you use in

Step 3 :

Click on Pay for GS

Step 4:

Select Fee to proceed

Step 5 :

Choose Etranzact as your payment option and click on generate invoice

Step 6:

Print out your invoice and go to any bank branch to make the payment

Step 7 :

Two hours after making the payment login back and click on register for GS

Step 8 :

Add courses you want to register by clicking the add button by the side

Step 9 :

When done click on next to register your course. Follow the instruction to print your Slip

Step 10 :

Make sure your slip printout comes out with a QR code either by the side, which contains the GS courses. If you are a new student, then proceed to the GS unit to collect your GS textbooks. If not then you are done with your GS registration process.


Note: Payment of School and GS fees is mandatory before course registration. Thanks


  1. Please I tried to make payments for gs but when I clicked on the make payments only development levy is what I saw

  2. please i have been trying to raise the invoice for the GS, but it is showing be degree is required. please so what can i do to enable solve the problem and also generate the invoice

    1. We are working on it but you can still report to Gs Registration unit with your details. Thanks

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